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Categories is under construction.

Just so you know. I will undertake the mayor taking of recategorising my blog into English and will start soon by deleting all categories. If looking for something, use the tagcloud until I´m done in a week or two or just take a paus, reading new posts and looking out the window.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon Lens, photo editing in Lightroom.



  1. I want to do that, too – not into English, but to delete all of them and start again from the beginning. But I am warned it will completely stuff up all SEO for the site. And I don’t know that it matters …

    • All SEO? What do you mean? The statistics some how? Well. I´ll just do the categories, not the tags. And yes, I guess it won´t be possible to look into the statistics and trust them, but I kind of doesn´t have a choice since I am switching language. 🙂

          • yes. 🙂 then I understand. Yes. Well my need is to change them but yes, the statistics will be crap for a while I guess. Have not so many views anyway. 🙂 hoping for more in this never ending social interaction world.

          • Frankly, I doubt that our stats have any meaning at all. I believe the number of people who visit, say, my site through searching for something on Google (or whatever) could be easily counted on the fingers of one hand – after six months.

          • haha exactly. I have some more after writing about travel. Apparently something many people google. not sure what happend. But I never get comments from them.. don´t think so anyway.

          • How marvellous it would be if we could have GENUINELY helpful stats software, eh ?

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