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Results from the poll: What do you wan´t to read about in the blog category travel?

I must say I am honored. Seven people answered the poll (or less people gave seven answers). Yey! Great success for my part who was worrying that no one would answer. And even more gladly I got a lot of ideas from this. You seem to like history/culture and food, but are not interested in where to make the best buys if I interpret this poll correctly.

In an attempt to be transparent. Here comes the result.

Other: 4 57%  
Food and reviews of food and restaurants 2 29%  
Sustainable traveling, eating, shopping etc. 1 14%  
Where to make the ”best” buys 0 0%  
Where to make the ”best” vintage, loppis and second hand buys 0 0%  


Culture and history of the place 1
History and culture 1
Landscape, Townscape, Historical Buildings, Watching people 1
All of the above! I don’t travel much so I love following these kind of blogs. 1


A photograph taken by Martin with my Canon 5D Mark iii, with my 50mm f 1.8 lens.



This is me in front of a newly visited tourist attraction in Lima, coming up during the week. Stay tuned.



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