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10 things to do in Lima – Post 1- Pucllana Temple

Before going out this Monday me and Martin wanted to do some touristy stuff. Thats when we googled the amazing words ”10 things to do in Lima”. We ended up with the Time list where Time listed this exactly.  The list  is found here.

I have been in Lima for a while and decided after reading it, to write a post about what to do, since the different stuff listed by time, isn´t all that hot. Have they even been here or have they just googled and put a list together, I ask myself.

No kidding aside, maybe I am a bit hard on Time, but I will try to go through the list since I am already here and also add to the different posts on what Time have already written. Just for fun. Please tag along! I will then later end with a list of my own. 10 things to do in Lima- MY LIST.

I won´t do the time list in chronological order, just so you know since I already visited a lot on the list. Maybe this says enough. A 10 to do list should at least be a bit varied with stuff not on the normal tourist-radar. This list has none!

Number 5 on the list-

Pucllana Temple (Huaca Pucllana)

Above used links are from the Time article.

Basic knowledge

I have rarely witnessed this much sand in Lima Peru, and it is a desert city. The name Huaca Pucllana are pronounced Wuacka Pujana and mean Pujana Temple something. It is around 1500 years old, or as Time put it from around 500 A.D.

Cost: It cost around nothing (about 2,5 dollars says Time). Have you gone as far as Lima, you certainly can afford it.

Opening hours: Open wednesdays to mondays, 9 a.m -5p.m according to Times. Seems right.


Guided tour

Walking in Huaca Pucllana is only done in a guided tour. You can´t walk around by yourself. Well, maybe this isn´t that bad since they still are digging in the place. According to the guide, they will be done in about 30 years, and this is when we are welcome back (guide humor).  Well, the guide did a terrific job taking us round the place. We attended the English tour because of my pour Spanish and the guide actually spoke English. That is a nice touch. On the tour we met some interesting Englishmen who asked me of what my accent is. Always appreciated being taken for a Englishspeaking person when you are not.

Sustainable travel

From my perspective this is a fairly sustainable alternative without having to much knowledge on how much archeology actually effects the environment. It is situated in central Miraflores and is of a walking distance from where most tourist lives and also from the Metropolitano, the public transportation system. And if you already are in Lima this shouldn´t effect the environment a greater deal.



At first I though. Oh no. It is a sandy place with only sand. But after walking to the other parts of the area they display traditional flora and animals of Lima as cotton and the animal llama (pronounced jama). Also got to see a Peruvian hairless dog and how different plants of the amazing food I am eating all day looks like. Yeah, and in Peru you eat cuy, guinea-pigs.

HH7A9582 HH7A9585


The restaurant

The restaurant is a really lovely place and according to Time open long after the ruins close. What Time forget to mention is that they close their food service in between around 16-18 (not sure exactly when they close in the afternoon, but they open at 18 again, so they told us).

So me and Martin just focused on the beer and some maize-snacks in company of a lovely bird, here after called the drinking buddy bird.

HH7A9664 HH7A9667

Overall experience

This is tricky. On a scale of 1 – 5 it is given a 4. Due to the surprise of flora and fauna, funny guide and high standard cuisine. I recommend it sincerely. And it is an amazing opportunity to take funny photos for free, of course after paying the entrance fee. Noteworthy is that a lot of places in Lima as museums and happenings have photo prohibitions.


HH7A9691 HH7A9694













    • Jasså. Är det så illa. Det är lite jobbigt faktiskt. För jag vet inte vilket språk jag ska skriva på. Kan inte riktigt bestämma mig. Har mest internationella besökare på bloggen så känner att det känns värt att skriva på engelska och kanske konvertera hela bloggen till det men samtidigt, mitt hjärta är ju på sätt och vis i Sverige. Svårt det där.

          • Right. 🙂 kortare texter. Och allt görs med översättning. Och dem andra från Kanada, Nederland, Tyskland översätter dem texter jag skriver på min blogg. Men de är sällan långa texter.

          • Jag undviker Google så mycket jag kan. Faktum att jag hatar Google, för den nästlar in sig överallt, vill veta allt om dig, riktar reklam och tar bort det fria valet.
            Letar du efter skor då visar Google de skorna du har letat efter, och det gör det till leda.
            För övrigt använder jag ett Program för att slippa se reklam. Superskönt.

          • aha. well. Jag vet inte, jag får inte reklam eller så är jag så bortkopplad från verkligheten att jag inte ens märker detta.

  1. Some good Lima travel stuff. Probably a REALLY good idea to use that list as your motivator ! 🙂

      • Is that the friend who is making a doco ? – no, she’s in Syria (or on its fringes, I hope !). I look forward to reading about this one.

  2. I really enjoyed this post, your storytelling, and the photos. I especially liked the photo of the Coke machine in front of the ruins. It was such a startling contrast!

    • Yes, the typical contrast of touristing isn´t it? I think I can find the great coke-can or Inkacola can on buildings and in parks everywhere here. Just make a post of that huh? 🙂 I am going through the times list and the 3 post will be coming up later this week when I finish it, and it will be about Ceviche. Thanks for your visit! 🙂

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