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Bloggen JohannaN/ #slowfashionblogg och Oss granntanter emellan

Har varit dålig på att tipsa vad jag läser och tänker om mode och miljö för tillfället, känner att jag ursäktar mig men all min tid tycks gå åt till universitetet och min masteruppsats som jag vill jobba på hårt med för att hinna ha möjlighet att resa innan jag åker hem från Peru. Men i vilket fall tänkte jag tipsa om lite nytt, sett och hört.

JohannaN är en mode och hållbarhets och modeblogg med mycket innehåll. Johanna är egenföretagare och håller på med hållbar smyckesproduktion. Vill slå ett slag för både smyckena som är mycket fina och genomtänkta men också något annat, jo Johannas #slowfashionblogg där olika personer (såsom jag, kommande vecka) gästbloggar om vår syn på hållbart mode. Johanna har också något annat spännande, nämligen en mailpremuneration som jag tänkte skriva och reflektera lite om i ett annat inlägg. Men denna kräver mer plats så tänkte att det får bli ett lite längre inlägg framöver.

Oss granntanteremellan är en annan modeblogg+ lite allt möjligt som skrivs av  Camilla Thulin och Karina Ericsson Wärn. Här finns så mycket mer än bara det material som finns på vanliga bloggar och här kikar jag in med regelbundenhet. Lite starstruck är jag nog allt eftersom jag gillar Camilla Thulins bok Stil, som är att rekommendera om man vill lära sig basic skötsel och tänk om att få kläder hållbara utifrån kanske inte så mycket det moderna hållbarhetsperspektivet utan snarare ifrån det mera äldre tänket om hur du sköter dina kläder på rätt sätt för lång hållbarhet. Dock går ju dessa perspektiv numera hand i hand.

Until next time.


Eng- This post is about two Swedish blogs and why I like them. I on occasion (once I week) talk of news to my readers on what I have looked at or read.


  1. I find the grannies’ site infuriating because it assumes I am on Facebook. Tant pis pour elles …

    • haha. Yes. They are famous authors in Sweden, so maybe they choosed to just use facebook as a comment possibly because it is a lot of job to run a blog and I think this is a side project. But, on the other side they are arranging trips, and talk about their books at the same time. I emailed them and asked if I and my mother could come with them to Paris in the autumn. So now I´m going with some authors to Paris in the fall. YEY

      • That’s WONDERFUL, Katarina ! – I’m very happy for you, and also VERY jealous … Sighh … We did love Paris so much … There will be many photos to be taken, and much material for blogging, eh ? 🙂

        • Yes I guess so. 🙂 I have done some trip before and I´m about to change my template to a more intriguing one and will then I think follow your example and do some writing on my former trips. Just have to dig up old photos. But this will be a later project. Right now focusing on Lima. Have to start writing a little more but are working so much on my thesis I barely find the time. But will do better I promise. and more film. people like film I think. Should I continue in English do you think?

          • DEFINITELY ! If you have another look at the post I did about you two, you can check how many ’likes’ and ’comments’ there are !
            I know it’s hard work … but I honestly think it’s worth it.
            I’m VERY GLAD you’re going to change your theme: may I ask that you consider very carefully the way text is presented when you make your change? In the current one, that text (font) is awful. My opinion only, but it’s really hard to read …

          • It’s terrific ! – and the font is perfectly legible. If you like it (and I do, too), you can afford it. What will it cost you ?

          • 79 dollars (US). But I think it is worth it because I like it. The free ones I hate. This has MUCH MUCH categories which I wan´t. The possibilities is enless. Maybe also it is possible to enhance the text when you pay for it, most likely.

          • I paid the $30 for customization as soon as I joined, because I knew I would want to change lots of stuff. Do you know anything about CSS ?

          • Yes. I can build a page on my own, but now I have the free online version. But my version for the university is built on CSS and html, in wordpress, but on a own server. But I haven´t finished that one yet and don´t plan to use it. It will just get confusing if I have to blogs, and one is in English and it is just there until my exam (june) so I will just do what I have to and post my material there so the University can use it later.

          • Yes. I think I might have to by the customization also. Not sure until I try the theme. But yours is free and then you added 30 dollar just for customization. This one costs I fhink and then I think I have to add 30 dollars for customization also. Hope not, but think it is so.

          • Buy the theme first, and see if you can make yourself totally happy with it. Then if you can’t, you can start saving up the for $30. [grin]

          • Not madly relevant. Can’t imagine why they include that AWFUL font.

          • haha. I tried to change several times, but it doesn´t work. I don´t understand why it is possible to change, and that it says, your changes are saved when they are not? weird.

          • I don’t know that you can change your font if you don’t have the Customization …?

          • No, probably not, but it is possible to change in the CSS, but it is a fake-change. So stupid. Gets very confusing!

          • But I don´t know how I get to be able to change the CSS in the free version. It is very limited. I try, but it never changes. So I think I have to pay to be able to. Or else you just get a flat template that you can not work with.

          • yes, but in total it will be much. but maybe I can keep the template I have and pay the 30 dollars, and see what happens?

          • Of course you can. You can access any free template whenever you want. But you like that other one, and it suits you down to the ground (as we say).
            Could I help you with it. maybe ? – with some $$ ?

          • haha what? oh GOD NO. What are you saying? haha 🙂 I don´t need money, it is just that I´m a mingy (is that the right word) person when it comes to the web. I´m used to everything being free of charge. HAHA. So nice of you to offer. Now I´m going to go and stand in the corner, ashamed that I nagged so much about the cost ..

          • I am sincere at all times – including when I’m grumpy, silly, cynical, angry, laughing … it’s always me.
            And so was that.

          • Often honest to my own detriment. There are bloggers who will simply not accept anything they see as criticism; but happily most actually seek it, as long as they know it to be honest.
            I have a big mouth, I know. But I’d look awfully strange with a small one. [grin]

          • I´m also a bit stressed out about changing the theme. IT IS SO MUCH WORK. The risk being that the CSS, as you say, doesnt behave etc.

          • You do what I do, an go off-line while you’re making the change. Put a little post that you’re going to go off-line – and put in there at least a couple of hours before you do. It’ll take that long to reach the damned Reader …

          • Yeah. That is a good idea. Will do that. Will prepare a post for tomorrow. Well see in the afternoon if I will start my changing.

          • DON’T DO IT UNLESS YOU REALLY FEEL LIKE IT. If you start without total enthusiasm, you’ll make mistakes.

          • well. i wan´t to, but it takes time. And mostly categorizing etc which I load. But I almost decided that I will go through with it.

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