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Home made photo- studio

Yesterday mom and I tried building a little homemade photo-studio to do some my first ever studio photos. You quickly realize that you need light and that is all you need. I tried to be creative and have lightadjusted them later in Lightroom, didn´t have very much of a choice, but definitively would have needed more and better lamps.

Next step in my learning process will be how to use light and place lamps etc. Not necessary buying real photo-equipment but getting comfortable to use what I already have. I also (still) need to work on my knowledge of the great autofocus thingy in my Mark iii. Not entirely sure how it works, if I´m to be honest. And maybe that thing called posing..

Look at the pics and don´t be afraid to comment.

The dress I´m wearing is made for me by Orkanlia.


HH7A6561 HH7A6558 HH7A6550 HH7A6540HH7A6538 HH7A6536HH7A6527HH7A6481 HH7A6479HH7A6474 HH7A6472 HH7A6461 HH7A6460 HH7A6442 HH7A6439 HH7A6433HH7A6427


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