A small calendar of recent and future trips:

Future trips

Czech Republic, October 8-11th 2015

Recent trips




April: During spring mother and I went on a roadtrip to Norway. We saw Oslo, Bergen and Lillehammer.

June: In June Martin and I continued on a backpacking trip through Europe. We saw Copenhagen, Berlin, Venice, Brindisi, Katakolon, Izmir, Istanbul, Dubrovnik, Krakow, Warzaw and Simrishamn. And with this places followed some tourist spots as the Berlin Wall, S:t Marcus square in Venice, the Olympia Park in Katakolon, the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Auschwitz and Kopalnia Soli close to Krakow and more.

July: I went to Athens for my cousins wedding.

August: My mother and I returned to Gotland for the second year around and visited the medieval week.

Iceland. Going on a four days photo-trip with the blogger Emelie Ohlson 12-16th of August.


From March to May me and Martin where in Lima for three months studying. We wen´t to Nazca, Huacca China, Ica, Pisco, Parachas marina, Cusco and Machu Picchu among other places and you can read about it by clicking on the tag Peru or searching Peru on the front page.


Me at the Huaca Pullana tempel in Lima, Miraflores in April 2014. The photo is taken by Martin Benitez with my Canon 5D Mark iii camera and with some help and love from me.


Gotland: Me and my mother travelled to the Swedish Island Gotland in the Baltic sea to experience the famous Raukar and bike around the island.


Gothenburg: Me and Martin went to experience Way out West, a sustainable festival in Gothenburg Sweden.


Went to Borgå/Porvoo in Finland o experience Finland, arranged by #travelhouseporvoo


Paris with (Camilla Thulin and Karina Ericsson-Wärn)



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