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the Travellink blog event.

Thursday night I left work early and run for the subway cart. As always a bit crowded in the afternoon. 

I get there first, to the sheraton hotel, my colleagues aren´t there yet. They arrive a few minutes later.

the Travellink Blog Event

The event where held at the Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm and where hosted by travellink and a bunch of tourist boards as Czech Tourism whom I traveled with to the Czech Republic and my trip to East Moravia and Prague. The representative from Latvia got me interested into Riga and RIga rose on my ”most wanted list” or what to call it.


Me fellow travel friends

I met almost all of my travel friends during the event and managed a portrait of each and one of them.

Helena and Peter, Freedom travel. They just got back from their one year trip around Europe.

Jeanette and Christian, photo and travel blogger, jeanetteseflin, and a fellow foodblogger matochresebloggen.


Helena, Oh Darling and Annika, Resfredag. Annika won the award ”best travel story of the year” appointed by Travellink and also have started a travel pod named ”Att Resa Podden”. Sure that this will become a new favorite of mine.

Dryden, Peter and Anna. Daniel Ryden run the blog and have lately specialised in ironic stories on ”why you shouldn´t go to”. Anna run the blog

travellink_sheraton-13 travellink_sheraton-14

Lola Åkerström who run two blogs, Geotraveler´s niche and Slowtravel Stockholm. Two favorites of mine! She also won most ispiring instagrammer of the year award with her instagram Lolaakinmade. Lola has a very inspiring way of putting her photos in a puzzle.


Linda, with the blog lalinda where there. Cool hat!


Italy, the Czech Republic, Latvia and more

During the evening we were taken from Italy, it´s food and wine to Latvia and Riga and the Czech Republic which has more to offer than just Prague. I was inspired by the girl talking about Riga which got me planning a trip there in my mind. It has cocktail bars and preserved Sovjet sites. Just my taste of a trip.

The night continued, we spoke about this and that and then headed home for our next adventures.


travellink_sheraton-25 travellink_sheraton-26 travellink_sheraton-27 travellink_sheraton-28travellink_sheraton-29

Anna with the blogs, New York my bite of the big apple and Travel on a Cloud and Sofia with Fantasiresor.

travellink_sheratontravellink_sheraton-33 travellink_sheraton-34travellink_sheraton-37travellink_sheraton-38


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