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heading to the czech republic.

At Arlanda airpor and it is 5 in the morning. 5.28 to be exact. Having a coffee at johan & nyström, a hipster coffee-shop with great coffee and not so great prices. The cappucino was satisfying for my not yet awake self.

Today me and Daniella, Discover The Planet, are heading on trip to the Czech Rep. together. 4 days of fun arranged by Czech tourism Scandinavia and Finland.

So trilled to be on the move to discover the czech rep where I have never been before. We are going to see Prague, historical sites, taste wine and more.

Now, time to get myself through security.



    • 🙂 På tal om all diskussion i gruppen du vet 😉 hehe. Men ja, det ska bli jättekul. Hann inte med tjeckien under tågluffen så nu ska jag fylla denna kunskapslucka lite grann. Se ny spots och kanske planera en återresa med sambon.

  1. I love Prague, it’s so beautiful with its historical buildings and the food is delicious and rather cheap! Have a great time and check out ”Café Louvre” if you can, it’s a lovely place that has been visited by many famous people like Kafka 🙂

      • wow, I didn’t expect you to go there – I’m very happy you liked it :)) have a great time in East Moravia!

        • No, but google it quickly and fell for it. So the readers opinions can really make a direct difference! haha 🙂 We only had time for a glass of wine but we had time to check it out a least. So cool!

          • I’m so glad to hear that :)) haha a glass of wine is way healthier than the delicious three plates menu we had there, I totally overate haha

          • I checked out Another one as well, the municipal coffee house. Really great one as well. They are all cool. There is several art nouveau cafes..

          • Me too! 😀 that’s why I’ve already returned once. I think it’s one of the few places I can return to again and again.

            I’m looking forward to reading your next posts 🙂

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