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scouting spots for wedding photography in Örebro

Camera *check*, extra battery *check*, Sigma lens *check*. After packing carefully I head out to my car. Fear rises when I get out on the bigger roads in Stockholm. Will there be a lot of cars, maybe even a que? But today I am lucky and it is only me and a few cars on the road giving me a free lane. I drive slowly and are soon on my way.

The day has been spend checking spots for an upcoming wedding in Örebro the 3rd of October. I have been longing to shoot a wedding ever since I was on Iceland so this was a happy day!

A church, a bridge and a castle later I head home to my cosy apartment that I have grown fond of and edit some photos before Martin gets back. After 20 minutes he calls ”I am on my way home” and I feel even more happy. Sundays are the best days! Both getting the possibility to shoot some photos and now the rest of the evening will be spend checking out Calling the Midwife, second best thing after photography- tv-shows..




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