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Stockholm Travel Massive at MSC Cruises – talking photos and travel industry

Third time is the charm!

Waking up early, I took an early bus to Kungsträdgården where I met Helena for a joint adventure, taking bus 76 Norra Hammarbyhamnen to Ropsten, for the third Stockholm Travel Massive.

Travel Massive is a world wide event in many countries for travelbloggers and people in the travel industry to meet up, network and interact. A fantastic possibility to meet new contacts if you are interested in making a buisness out of your blog or just meet friends. At the moment I go within category two, but in the future I might turn the page into something else and then these events and contacts will be important.

During the long – lunch event on the boat MSC Sinfonia, MSC Cruises and Travel Massive cooperated to give us a great time. Lola spoke about taking better travel photos, good and concrete ideas for travelers to make their photos more interesting. One of the tips was not shooting to much close-ups when taking photos of food but try to take photos in its natural environment. Another was not shooting to much selfies but showing what you see through the camera lens instead.

MSC Cruises told us about their cruises today and whats to come, spoke about their target group and their main focus.

The fixers and doers are Lola, together with Annika and Sofia and it is them we have to thank for the great time.

Next event will be in September and I will of course mark the date in my calendar as soon as it is official.


Photos shot with Canon EOS M3, EOS M Adapter and Canon 40 mm Pancake lens.

Earlier events – 

September 2014 – A fika at HTL Hotels with Stockholm Travel Massive

January 2015 – Stockholm Travel Massive – the January 2015 event

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