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Yesterday I headed for the big city, as I mentioned yesterday, and who could have known that spring where so far developed there?

Apparently it had been raining in the morning before I left home but when I arrived the sun was shining and guys where out cutting the grass in the parks, sharing the space with old ladies with their dogs and youngsters having icecream.

The photos I took on the road, the first three, and the last once is from Järfälla and the centre of Jakobsberg.


Shot with Canon EOS M3, 18-55 mm kit-lens.roadtrip stockholm järfällaroadtrip stockholm järfälla-2 roadtrip stockholm järfälla-3 roadtrip stockholm järfälla-4 roadtrip stockholm järfälla-5 roadtrip stockholm järfälla-6 roadtrip stockholm järfälla-7 roadtrip stockholm järfälla-8 roadtrip stockholm järfälla-9 roadtrip stockholm järfälla-10 roadtrip stockholm järfälla-11

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