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Roadtrip Norway: Oslo – Bergen (stretch two)

Roadtrip - Oslor to Bergen

Mother and I went on a 5 days roadtrip two weeks ago and this is my forth post on the subject. To check out the other post, read Roadtrip – Grythyttan – Oslo, stretch one, Ivanssons Bilskrot i Töcksfors and 3 hours in Oslo.

Leaving Oslo

After a short or middle long (maybe) nights sleep mom and I where of to Bergen. Leaving early I think we avoided morning traffic, at least it wasn´t crowded. We drowe from Oslo towards Bergen on E16 passing Honefoss, then driving road 7 to Gol and Geilo and over the national tourist road passing Hogastol ending in Eidfjord. It is on this high altitude road we got into some trouble.. After Eidfjord we continued on road 7, taking road 13 passing Vossevangen and then reconnecting with E16 to Dale and then later all the way to Bergen.

roadtrip bergen norway roadtrip bergen norway-2 roadtrip bergen norway-3 roadtrip bergen norway-4 roadtrip bergen norway-5

First stop was at Hallingporten where mom and I had some coffee and some delicious Norwegian cardemom buns.

roadtrip bergen norway-6 roadtrip bergen norway-7 roadtrip bergen norway-8

Passing Gol

When in Norway I found so much sweetspots for wedding photography or other portrait photography. Some places almost seemed made to be used for just this kind of photography. Sadly one of the churches we passed seemed to have a funeral rather than a wedding.

roadtrip bergen norway-9 roadtrip bergen norway-10 roadtrip bergen norway-11

Having lunch in Geilo

In Geilo we stopped for lunch after passing several construction sites, some that made us wait longer than other. The road and the traffic isn´t quick in Norway anyway so basically by the time we where made to wait we where so used to it that it didn´t matter.

roadtrip bergen norway-12

Yummie Smörrebröd – a like sandwhich.

roadtrip bergen norway-13

In Geilo they where still skiing when we passed. We drove a little slower to check out all the skiers.

roadtrip bergen norway-14

Going over the mountain

Kind of soon after passing Geilo we got to higher altitudes quickly, or we already where on. The views changed into this dramatic snowy scenery.

roadtrip bergen norway-15 roadtrip bergen norway-16 roadtrip bergen norway-17 roadtrip bergen norway-18

In Hogastol we entered Hardangervidda, a national park in Norway where the National Touristroad Hardangervidda passes. Here we scouted some parachute – skiers later learning that there was some form of competition close by.

roadtrip bergen norway-19 roadtrip bergen norway-21

On Hardangervidda the weather quickly got worse and we drove through thick mist like something in a horrormovie, in the end turning on the warning lights on the car. Check the second photo, it is actually coming a car in the mist.

roadtrip bergen norway-22 roadtrip bergen norway-24


Reaching Vaeringsfossen and Eidfjord

When finally passing through the mist we reached Vaeringsfossen with a magnificent view. The surroundings changed immeditely when driving down from the mountain.

roadtrip bergen norwayroadtrip bergen norway-2 roadtrip bergen norway-3 roadtrip bergen norway-4 roadtrip bergen norway-5 roadtrip bergen norway-6

In Övre Eidfjord we stopped for some waffles, checking the place out. Here it was possible to pic up some Norwegians souvenirs or why not a Lusekofte. Everywhere you went there where camping possibilities and parking spots for cars with toilets (just not opened for the summer yet).

roadtrip bergen norway-7 roadtrip bergen norway-8 roadtrip bergen norway-9 roadtrip bergen norway-10

Passing Voss and reaching Bergen

Down in Eidfjord and the nature turned for very pleasing to magnifique! Oh my. Just check out the photo with the little boathouse.

roadtrip bergen norway-11 roadtrip bergen norway-12 roadtrip bergen norway-13 roadtrip bergen norway-14 roadtrip bergen norway-15 roadtrip bergen norway-16 roadtrip bergen norway-17

Arriving outside Bergen mom and I realised that we also in Bergen had to pay a fee for Piggetyre, winter tires/studded tires. So we paid and picked up a ticket at a parking spots and their machines and then headed towards Bergen. Bergen is coming up in a later post.



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