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For the food interested – check out Hötorgshallens new blog!

My friend Sofia is the blogger behind Hötorghallens newly started (food) blogg. Sofia otherwise host the blog Fantasiresor where she write about travel. One of my favorite posts from this blog is about food, it is her restaurant tips from Marocko – to check that out, click here. Sofia and me met for the first time at Stockholm Travel Massive last fall, an event which she also host together with Lola and Annika. A (multi) talented woman!

As Sofia says on her page, one of her newly found interest is food and food- styling and I must agree. Shotoing small stills of food and decoration is joyful.

Me and Martin will head home for Vimmerby today to attend a 70 years party and hopefully have some wine with friends. Have a nice weekend! Happy shopping at Hötorgshallen!




This photocollage of mixed food was shot and edited by Sofia.


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