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Shoot better travel photographs – Mix color and black & white- the story about Paris

Who besides me love black and white photography? 

I think it is something special with black and white photos and fill my Instagram account with them as well as the blog.

Today we use photoshop to get photos black and white, something we before used film for. Today we have the possibility to cover the entire story when shooting, not just take one photo of the eiffeltower and leave out the rest of the city, when in Paris. We are either aware of what we are doing or we just do it, but normally we use technique that is called storytelling when putting our images together. A lot of us use it and tell the entire story of a travel destination without text, like a well filled photoalbum in one post. I like to do this all the time, I can add 40 photos from one day in one post here at the blog.

To keep the story entertaining I like to mix color and black and white photos. Especially portraits do well in black and white as well as city environments.

This is the story about Paris in color and black and white. For the editing process, check down below or my full post about editing in Lightroom – Basic editing in Lightroom- Folders, importing, basic editing tools and exporting the photo. 




paris-2 paris-6 paris-4 paris-7 paris-8 paris-9 paris-10 paris-11 paris-2 paris-3 paris-4 paris-5 paris-7 paris-8 paris-9 paris-10 paris1 parishotel eldorado paris paris-2 paris-3 paris-4 paris-5 paris-7 paris-8 paris-9 paris-10 paris-12 paris-13 paris-16 paris-12paris paris-14 paris-15 paris-17 paris-18


Editing process in Lightroom:

1. Import photos

2. Edit one photo. Copy and paste ot others.

3. Think through which photos you want in black and white and convert those photos to black and white. Just hit the black and white button. I add a little red to the highkey notes and the shadows to het the somewhat colored black and white photos. I do this in the split tone field in the develop space.

4. Export. I use 1000 x 667 pixel in these photos.






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