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A miniweekend at Loka Brunn Spa


This weekend Martin and me went for a small miniweekend with one nights stay at Loka Brunn in Bergslagen, close to where I live.

Loka Brunn is a small spa village run by the Spendrups family who also own Grythyttans Gästgiveri. People have been coming here for centuries to drink the spring waters. We went to visit the spa and to relax.

Loka consists of both a spa, conference buildings, restaurant and a hotel. The cuisine is of a high standard and the bed extremely comfortable. Before going here I never considered myself as a spa-person. After being here just one night I have to say I´ve changed my mind. Coming home I really felt more relaxed.


The building that hold the restaurant, lounge with fika and a bar.



The restaurant.



Afternoon tea.


The Rooms

Loka holds around 150 rooms. We stayed in the house seen in the photo below. The areas surrounding is fantastic with the view over lakes and forests.


The house we stayed in, according to Martin the Kings house.


Martin and me stayed from Friday to Saturday, starting with afternoon coffe, some bathing and spa and later having a three course dinner. Early Saturday we went for a walk but the weather decided to be tricky and we quickly headed for the spa, yet again, after having an big big breakfast.



One of the beautiful views surrounding Loka Brunn.


The Church

The area also holds many surprises where the old church was the biggest surprise to me. Martin guided me in the Lokasalongen and the church in the evening before heading for the spa and we also revisited the church in the morning. Such a cool church with basically no straight lines. Even the floor was leaning a bit.



The Spa

We spend most of the time in the Spa with lovely temperatured water. Being in a good looking Spa like this feels like a little peace of heaven.



After being at Loka I questioned why I haven´t been here before. A definitive return for me if I ever get the chance. So which of my girl friends want to go next time?





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