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When you worked too much and been too social.

You recognise this feeling? *overworked* and *over-socialised*

I just bury myself under a blanket and hit the play button on a tv-series. The tv-series at the moment, is the originals. a vampire/witches/wulfs kind of series played out in New Orleans. Probably a netflix original series of some sort. My type of thing.

Today is one of these days where I look out the window and think that I only have an hour or two left of sunlight, but don´t go out anyway. This happens when I´ve worked too much and been too social. So I have been laying on the couch the entire day.

Don´t get me wrong, I love my job in many ways, and I love having the possibility to shoot photos at my spare time, sometimes getting paid, most of the time just dreaming to be able to getting more paid assignments.

But anyway. You need those days when you turn of the brain and just stare at a tv-screen too. This is one of those days.


Photos from my ”job” and my job, this month 🙂



HH7A9204 HH7A9199



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