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Christmas Day- Cool winter weather and a late Christmas tree

Mum and dad normally buys a Christmas tree every year (an tree that is suppose to be outside). This tree arrived late the day before Christmas. Since we are otherwise engaged most of the time during Christmas the tree was forgotten about, until today.

Waking up the weather was sunnier than ever and around -7 to -9 degrees. Icing cold compared to Christmas Eve in Hultsfred which started with a temperature of + 7 and ended with snowstorm. Mum and I headed out on a short walk around the lake. Perfect photoweather. We shot some portraits and met some old neighbours. When we got home Martin and my father where decorating the Christmas tree.

Now we are at Martin parents home and the family are watching Niclas Mat meeting Gaston in Lima and I am bloging. Later we will play Julklappsspelet, fighting over gifts.

Merry Xmas.


HH7A5963 HH7A5975 HH7A5980 HH7A5982 HH7A5998 HH7A6003 HH7A6011 HH7A6060 HH7A6099-2 HH7A6117 HH7A6131 HH7A6137 HH7A6139 HH7A6143 HH7A6147 HH7A6149 HH7A6153 HH7A6158


Canon 5D Mark iii

24-105 mm Canon lens

Edited in lightroom


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