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Some cooking and some friends.

Late yesterday evening when I got home from work, Martin and Daniel was cooking some food in the kitchen at the academy. Strolled over and took some photos. They where cooking, mashed potatoes, ribs, broccoli, gravy and some apple-cream. For desert they made creamcheese sorbet with rasberries and caramelised chocolate. Yummie right! I had salmon instead of ribs since I eat no meat. A simple tip is the broccoli which was fried in oil and then drenched in butter adding salt. Very delicious.

It has been a long work week and now I am enjoying my weekend and are working on some travel-related upcoming posts.


HH7A4499 HH7A4509 HH7A4511 HH7A4512 HH7A4513 HH7A4517 HH7A4533 HH7A4539 HH7A4544 HH7A4551

Canon 5D Mark iii

Sigma 50 mm 1,4 Art lens

Editing in Lightroom


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