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The november darkness is on it´s way.




Photo taken today, about twenty minutes before publishing.

Nikon D 90, normal Nikon lens, editing in Lightroom. 


  1. Nice photo! I like the mood of it.

    Normal Nikon lens… did you mean the kit lens?

    • Yes, it is probably the right word for it. (English is my second language) The camera is my friends camera. I have just borrowed it to try it out a little. I have the Canon Mari iii. It is the AF-S Nikkor 16-85 mm lens, f 3,5. I actually like this camera.

      Thanks for the nice comment anyway, who where you. I am a bit confused, you didn´t have a blog yourself or which one was that?

      • EricB says

        Ah yes, I’m the Eric with the camera bag questions.

        Sorry for confusing you. There are too many Erics running around already. OK, I’ve changed my name so hopefully it’s a little better.

        BTW is the picture that of the sea? Or is that a marshland?

        Also I just realized that you said the image was taken 20 minutes before *publishing*. Did you publish the photo somewhere?

        • Hi! No. 20 minutes before publishing on the blog 🙂 no I have not published my photos anywhere.. You? Havent seen any of yours 🙂 the photos is of neither sea or marshland. Its a normal lake 🙂

  2. I once worked in Sweden for 6 weeks in March and April. My coworkers told me that Swedes look forward to the snow because then light is reflected and it isn’t as dark. True story?

    • Yes. It is a true story but the winter is dark and I mean dark dark!!! Don’t think anyone understands how dark it will become before they actually set there foots in swedish ground in january 🙂

  3. Would it be interesting to you to post this kind of shot regularly, so that we can see its arrival and its slow passage …?

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a purply sunset. It’s magnificent <3
    I certainly know the long nights of winter in the "Near North", but I've never experienced the dark, dark of the "Far North". I can't begin to imagine the difference it makes to the life-beat of a town or city.

    • Yes, I have edited the photo though so it is a bit extra purple! 😉 but, well, the northern lights can turn out to look something like this, but we don´t have that around here. Do you live close to the polar circle? Was it toronto? is that close?

      • Toronto is in the southern part of Canada – almost as far south as you can go. I’m from the northern part of the province about 700 km north of Toronto, but it is still quite a way from the Arctic Circle.
        The Northern Lights I remember as a child were mostly green, but I haven’t been lucky enough to see them in 40 years.

        • Yes they are green and yellow I think. In this photo I shifted the temperature in the photo to purple and maybe blue or yellow (don´t remember). I don´t know if you shoot a lot with a DSLR and edit but it is a easy thing to do in an editing program, so if you see all this fantastic color photos, most of them are edited… 🙂

          • I don’t shoot with a DSLR, but I’m excited about taking a Lightroom course this weekend. I’ve played around a bit with photo editing, but I’d like to know more … a lot more actually 🙂

          • Aha. Cool. Yes I edit in Lightroom every day and sometimes photoshop for extensive filters and painting etc. But I love lightroom. It is really good. This photo with the purple horizon is edited in Lightroom and I have just shiftet the blue temperature that the photo naturally have to a more purple and added som contrast and clarity, maybe some sharpness as well. Voila´!

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