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There is so much out there to read!

There is so much out there to read, isn´t it? Sometimes I have a hard time choosing. A long time ago I used to read books in piles, my bookshelf still witness this great book-reading-mania. Nowadays I read blogs.

I want to get back to reading book and have started with a few related to my projekt, Fotografi (a basic book about photography) as well as a book about Bergslagen and different notions of the concept of Bergslagen, it is named Fram träder Bergslagen, nytt ljus över gammal region. This photoproject has gotten me really hooked on books and litterature and pictures about Bergslagen, but why not learn som old Swedish history, I think we are to bad at our own history, don´t you think?

How many know the history of their own city or village for example. I don´t think there is so many that we like to think. I think that we always take it for granted.

My next readings will continue on the same theme, Bergslagen and the surroundings, or photography. Maybe I throw in a lovestory or two, and will re-read another fellow bloggers book about her life with her spouse and write a review of that great story. More books for the world please.

The best thing is that you don´t even have to buy them, you just have to walk to the library and borrow. Free pleasure!



The mine in Ställberg. Industrial memory of Sweden. Take with my Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens and edited in Lightroom.



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