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Out with work.

For two days I have been kind of off-line. That because I have been to a work conference in Lundsbrunn. Didn´t shoot so many photos but got some early autumn photos I want to share.

Now I am recharging my and my camera batterias preparing for my friend Lindas 30 year party in the evening.


Photo on me by Emma Söderberg, the rest is taken by me and all is taken with my Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens.

HH7A0611 HH7A0612 HH7A0617 HH7A0624 HH7A0628 HH7A0632 HH7A0638 HH7A0644-2 HH7A0647 HH7A0652 HH7A0656 HH7A0658


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