Livet och bloggen, Mat
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When the chefs in Grythyttan start cooking.

Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 24-105 lens, ed lightroom.


HH7A0514 HH7A0515 HH7A0520 HH7A0525 HH7A0531 HH7A0532 HH7A0535 HH7A0543 HH7A0564


    • Hi! I am creating a blog list of blogs I read. Do you have a photo I can borrow or something since you of corse is on that list! Or better up, I use one of my own photos of corse.. Forget what I wrote..

        • oh Nice. I just steal that one from you then! Yepp. Now I am studying photography. At the moment I am studying photography and well, working of course. Doing a photoproject, not sure what will come out of it yet, but well, could do one of you. Follow you around for a day with my camera in your home. Would come out great I imagine. Photo 1: Margaret drinking coffee 2. Margaret drinking coffee petting her cat 3. Margaret drinking coffee reading blogs 4 Margaret drinking coffee cursing over computer 5. Margaret drinking coffee, petting cat writing blogpost. etc etc etc ;);)

          • You may be beautiful, but you are a monster !!! [grin]
            As it happens, I’m going out today, believe it or not – and to do my own photo-shoot. So there !

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