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It started in Grythyttan, took me to Porvoo from Peru- my first year as a blogger

This week I passed the line of one year as a blogger! Lets celebrate! Put together a bunch of photos from my first year. How much I have been doing, I kind of got surprised myself. Read or just look at the photos, it is your choice.

My first post was written about Grythyttans Gästgiveri, and well, it only contained photos. My aim, was of course from the beginning that I should only develop my skills of journalism and I started with photos.

September 2013


Inside Grythyttan Gästgiveri. We had some coffee and looked at the decorations (the hotel is on the street we live at).


Over time I got better at photography, even though I still found it a bit tricky after a couple of months. This photo was taken at Björkskogsnäs naturreservat in november last year, and well, was probably a lucky shot.

October- November 2013



Samsung NX 10 with Samsung lens.

In november I also did a interview with the fashion blogger Modemanifestet.  Still remember that with a happy face. I got some very inspiring ideas for my future studies and also my blog. Heidi is a girl with a hands-on grip on environment and actually bought her farm this year, as she told me was a dream during the interview.


For Christmas me and my mother baked and cooked a lot. Well, she did, I took photos. I also visited a lot of friends and relatives and took long walks in nature. Don´t know if any of you remember it, but December surely was a hot month, climate-vise.









The photo is taken with a Canon 60D and a tripod.


During Christmas is also when I took my first more or less successful long shutter-speed photo. When you finally succeed you kind of get amazed by your own photo.

December in total was kind of a breakthrough photography wise. This is when I managed to take my first own self portrait. How odd to succeed in such a task!


Samsungs NX 10, 16mm wide-angle lens

January- February

In January nothing much happened except that I bought my beloved Canon 5D Mark iii. That was a photomoment for me. Unpacking the delightful box as it arrived in mail. Unfortunately I am not much of a person who remembers to take photos of these happy moments. On the other hand I have on some occasions at least remembered to cover my own style. In January I did one major post about my handbags. I can´t say that I am a collector of many things, but yeah, vintage clothing is one of them.

In February I got my portrait drawn by Gustavo Caballero, a little boy who lives in America. Tommy Brenner turned 30, without telling us and ended up having to invite us to a party and cook for us.

Photo of drawing taken by Gustavo Caballero´s mother who also run the blog- 4utu Photos from Tommys party is taken with my boyfriends Nikon Coolpix.


My beloved portrait.



A weird ”before going to a party” photo where I have so much make-up on that I look like a Japanese wanna-be.


During February I also did my first guest blog post on Other Sides of Fashion and wrote an article about the Green Jobs moment.


What could I say about March to make this month any justice? Oh my God. We left for a three months stay in Peru.

Before going going to Peru me and My mother built a photo-studio in her livingroom and took some photos in different outfits. The jacket have became a clear favorite during the fall and I wear it every day to work.

Jacket from Minimum (Danish brand), jeans from H&M and green converse.



The planeride to Peru was kind of long so on the way I drew some fashion sketches.


Drawn in Adobe Ideas, Vector Graphics with my iPad and iPad-pen.

In Peru I took millions and millions of photos.













HH7A7030HH7A8877HH7A8914HH7A9026Larcomar, Miraflores, Lima, PeruHH7A9178-2HH7A9369HH7A9630HH7A1636HH7A1851HH7A2333-2HH7A2181SAM_5979HH7A2724HH7A2787HH7A2790


In June I continued my travels by going to the Swedish island Gotland, celebrate midsummer in our family summer cabin and then continued by going to the Hayride festival. Me and my mother also repainted my apartment. During August me and Martin went to the Way Out West festival.







And now it is September and I recently got home from my trip to Borgå. Looking forward on another year of being a blogger.







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