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A fika at HTL Hotels with Stockholm Travel Massive

Yesterday after a half day of work in Nora I jumped in my car and went to Stockholm Travel Massive, a meeting for writers of travel. I finally met two blogger I have been following for some time Freedomtravelers with the amazing camper named Freedomtravel. Peter and Helena is planning a one year trip around Europe starting in November if they make it after spending a lot of their travel cash on renovating their boat this summer. They have both a blog and a instagram account. Very worth following.


From left: Lola (Slow Travel Stockholm), Sofia (Fantasiresor) and Annika (Resfredag)


But to another topic, the night was hosted by three Stockholm girls with the blogs: Resfredag, Slow Travel Stockholm och Fantasiresor who have traveled to more than one country.

On the event I also met Katja Presnal. Katja run the Skimbaco Lifestyle Magazine where she and others write about trips. She (her daughters) and Sofia (Fantasiresor) is coming to Finland as well.

I also met a guy from the Austrian tourist bureau in Stockholm (who knew that was even possible), a girl from the Visiting Board of Stockholm, another fellow blogger with the blog Reseinspiration and a photographer called Amun-Re.  I won´t link here since i never visited their pages before so need to check them out first.

During the evening we also went for a stroll around the Htl hotel on Kungsgatan (newly opened in May this year) and where shown rooms and latest hotel technique. Must say that they have fair prices (from 600-800 sek to 1400-1500 sek ca) and instead smaller rooms. The rooms where nice (well it was new) and nicely planned.

The technique: apparently you are suppose to be able to check in and out and open the doors with your phone, making the check in staff unnecessary during your stay. If you can´t handle the technique there also is a desk where you yourself can check in and load a door card or get help from the staff. The breakfast is planned the same way where you can choose if you want breakfast or not and where the breakfast is not suppose to be to much, that there is a few items with ”better quality”.

Actually it is a nice concept and the girl who showed us around explained how it was planned and that they plan on opening other hotels with the same concept.

The staff at HTLHotels took care of us and where polite, but I guess that they didn´t dare to do anything else. They of course want us to return to the hotel and take the readers with us. They must be smart! 😉



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