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How wow was WOW?

Promised to get back to the Way Out West festival with a review of the whole event and comfortable and suiting enough, an email with a festival guide was send to me from a Charlotte Astroem from Zalando, named, ”Hur WOW var WOW?”. Isn´t that a suiting name for a e-mail containing a festival guide for the 80 biggest festivals in Europe. But, will get back to the guide in another post, this one is long enough I assure you.

The Way Out West Festival took place between the 7-9 of August in Gothenburg Sweden and among the artists was Veronica Maggio, Icona Pop and Outcast.

”Oh WOW, I love the food, the atmosphere and the music. Good JOB Way out West! ”

An intriguing and a bit discussed subject on the WOW festival was the food since the festival had gone a 100 % vegetarian. I LOVE. The choice was also a green alternative of drinks, where the beer (in most cases) where organic. My boyfriend crinkled his sweet little nose and said, ”I am still hungry and I do not like the food”, Katarina. Me on the other hand, loved it so much.

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”More then one kind of beer next year, please”

I tried about a little of everything but the clear favorite was the fried tofu and potatoes from Trottoar mat. Even Martin liked this. When it comes to the organic beer the only problem being that the festival only had Norrlands Guld, not one of my favorites.

The music was great and my clear favorite was Veronica Maggio, even though Robin & Röyksopp had a fantastic show.

Me and Martin even managed to appear in the Swedish newspaper Expressen, where we where asked the question what artist we where looking forward to see. Well, don´t know the band Teedy, but as always, Swedish Magazines manages to get in a typo a little here and there. Anyway, my mother acknowledged the fab picture on her instagram. :/

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The negatives

The negatives isn´t a band but what I didn´t like about the festival. Overall it was a happy festival (as seen in the photo above).

”Stay Out West, haven´t anyone complained about this before?”

It might get a little minus for the Stay Out West part where me and Martin missed both Teddybears Stockholm and Oscar Linnros due to the reason that these concerts where in clubs and we didn´t get in. This part of the festival also resulted in the fact that people left early (in the middle of Queens of the Stone Age and Outcast) to make it to the clubs which where in another part of town. The media was writing ”Way Out West rasar mot Outcast” claiming that people left due to the sexist concert. But, what a — Aftonbladet? Is this really true? I was there and yes the concert, I agree was sexist and doesn´t fit the overall image of the festival, but people where leaving to go to clubs, to get in, not due to the fact that Outcast had a sexist show. Is noone writing about this fact? This I think is one of the biggest mistakes by Way Out West and something that need to be looked into to next year.

Something that we didn´t understand at first was the Stay Out West part (didn´t read and look into this part when ordering the tickets, at the moment in a messy Master thesis period in Peru). Well. At least you learn that next time, read the instructions about the festival.

I did on the other hand read the instructions about photography (which where limited to lenses of 55 mm max).

”Photography limits, not always easy to follow..”

The limits gave me a bit of trouble due to the fact that my lens is 24-105 mm and to big to be accepted. They actually checked the lens when going into the festival area. I do understand the limitations but at the same time think it is a bit disturbing since I was longing to learn some concert photography. That wasnt possible instead I had to use my fixed lens, which did work on the other hand.

”1800- a fair price”

The price is ok, about 1800 sek if I remember it correctly and a normal festival price. You get a lot for this money. Music, movies and art..


Stars: ****

The festival is given a four by me. With some small improvements it will be close to perfect. I might have sounded a bit negative but think it is important to give a fair review of the whole event and just writing ” I love it ” which I started with, doesn´t really cut it.

The festival has many advantages as the vegetarian food and organic beer as the overall image of being political correct. I like it and think it can be approved without many changes.

Another big plus was the very organized festival app!

Way Out West, you might not see me next year, but I would´t be surprised if you do.


Ps: Take care all festival lovers out there. See you next year.



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