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Going to Porvoo with Svenska resebloggar and #travelhouseporvoo in September.

Sometimes being persistent pays of. During  my trips abroad in Peru I decided to go for travel blogging as well as fashion, environment and life that I already blog about every day due to the fact that I do travel a lot compared to many people and due to that I have a great wanderlust that doesn´t seem to fade.

One of my first posts about travel where my preparations for my trip to Peru where I added some old travel photos that where taken with an old film camera, if you remember those..

Here me and my cousins are in London riding what I think is a sightseeing bus.

”this autumn I´m going to Finland, finally”

For those who blog you know how much time it takes and how much passion you have to put into it to run a blog, either you have readers or not and my persistence have now paid of. I was selected among 13 other bloggers to go to a Finish Jazz festival in the medieval town of Porvoo (Borgå) in Finland in September. I am so excited! I feel honored and will take this opportunity to focus on my photography as well as knowledge of Finland and it´s historic sites and nature.

I applied for this great adventure put together by Johanna and Towe at Svenska Resebloggar and Travel House Porvoo in Porvoo Finland a while ago, and well, never actually thought that they would chose me among all travelblogs out there.

My expectations for the upcoming trip to Finland is high but I think Travel House Porvoo has putten together a big program where there is different alternatives to choose from that all meet my expectations. The big program is a problem for me since I want to do two of the three alternatives that happen at the same time, visiting an ecological farm as well as turning one of my photos into art. Can someone please create a clone of me to take to Finland? So much is included..

Do someone out there remember the awful Puma- shorts that was the hottest thing to be wearing everyday in the end of the 90s? I´m so glad that my style has matured. Marimekko, is a Finish brand that are one of my favorites, and I have at least four vintage dresses as well as new ones from the brand. I wonder what they will think of me if I bring them all? 🙂 Well, I really like finish design and also are longing to go to the Marimekko factory as well as the Arabia one when in Finland. We will see if I find the time.


Johanna (the creator of Svenska Resebloggar), with the private blog A lady and a tramp, posted a post where she summed up her travel to Marocco which I think was a great idea before going on new adventures, so I´m stealing her idea and doing the same. This sume-up will be posted in a separate post soon.

At the moment I am at the Hayride festival in Hultsfred, a festival celebrating the 50´s and you can follow my adventures on my instagram even if you don´t have a instagram yourself,








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