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Summer evening in Sweden.

It is something special about the Swedish summer after all. The photos where taken 22 o´clock this evening and the sun where still up on it´s way down outside Linköping when we where heading home after a short visit in Vimmerby/Hultsfred.


Photo of me taken by Martin Benitez with a little help from me. Other photos taken by me with my Canon 5D Mark iii and 24-105 mm lens. Editing in Lightroom.

HH7A4059 HH7A4043-2 HH7A4051


  1. En skön serie. Solnedgångar har jag aldrig fotat men idag blev de solens uppgång förevigad. Få se när jag hinner lägga upp bilden.

  2. Someday I hope I get to experience the looooong summer days of the very north. Where I am from in Northern Ontario, the summer sun sets around 22h so not nearly as long as what you’re getting now.
    The second photo is my favourite with the dandelion seed-head glowing in the low sun. Beautiful!

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