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How does your summer look like?

Read a post on a Swedish blog about, where they ended the post ”How does your summer look like”. I think that is an important question for itself why I decided to tell you how my summer will look like in a short summary.

I will start the summer by finishing up my last assignments for my university program. At this moment I am just continuing on pure will.

Soon me and my mother are traveling to Gotland. YEY! Before I might visit a friend in Hagfors where I used to work before, but after, I´ll take the car to Småland for the end of next week, me and my mother will pack it full of necessary stuff and then well head of to the ferry that will take us to the Island. Must remember to pack the sunblocker and my biking pants *check*.

Coming home it is midsummer in Sweden, which I will be celebrating in Småland, my home region with my family. So looking forward to that. After I stay around and meet with some friends. Promised a friend to take some photos of her child as well. In the end of June there is this festivity called Hayride, or something like that, in Hultsfred, where I might participate if all goes well.

July will be tuffer. By then I am going back to my old job. It will be a chock in the beginning to work full time again. In a way looking forward getting back to the old routine. In another way, dreading that I need to get to bed early and get out off bed early. Early is not my thing!

In July i might visit a friend in Stockholm, as well as some friends from Stockholm visiting me in Grythyttan. People rarely visit me here, so that will be nice for a change.

And at the end of the summer, it almost feels like, me and Martin are going to Way Out West, the Swedish music festival. That is going to be extraordinary, I can feel it.

Well, that is about it. Yes, today I am cleaning out the closet, preparing for adding some items to the for sale page.



Some Swedish summer photos..

HH7A3841 HH7A3842 HH7A3843 HH7A3844 HH7A3845




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