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Machu Picchu in photos.

Here they are. The fabulous Machu Picchu.

Seen through my Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm lens and edited in Lightroom. HH7A2959 HH7A2962 HH7A2971 HH7A2975 HH7A2982 HH7A2985 HH7A2992 HH7A2995 HH7A2999 HH7A3011 HH7A3019 HH7A3025 HH7A3026 HH7A3029 HH7A3030 HH7A3032 HH7A3035 HH7A3040 HH7A3050 HH7A3051 HH7A3060 HH7A3081 HH7A3062 HH7A3063 HH7A3065 HH7A3072 HH7A3073 HH7A3078 HH7A3083 HH7A3086 HH7A3088 HH7A3090 HH7A3093 HH7A3094 HH7A3095 HH7A3096 HH7A3097 HH7A3098 HH7A3100 HH7A3101 HH7A3104 HH7A3106 HH7A3111 HH7A3116 HH7A3117 HH7A3121 HH7A3124 HH7A3127 HH7A3128 HH7A3129 HH7A3131 HH7A3133 HH7A3135 HH7A3136 HH7A3147 HH7A3149 HH7A3150 HH7A3156 HH7A3159 HH7A3163 HH7A3170 HH7A3173 HH7A3181 HH7A3182 HH7A3185 HH7A3202 HH7A3211 HH7A3217 HH7A3220 HH7A3226 HH7A3227 HH7A3234 HH7A3249 HH7A3252 HH7A3263 HH7A3266 HH7A3280


  1. Waow! Helt fantastiskt! Vackert, magiskt, sagolikt! Det skulle vara häftigt att få komma dit någon gång i livet! 🙂

    • Eller hur! Det är så värt det även om det är turistiskt och exploaterat! Bara färgerna, bergen och molnen gör allt värt det!

  2. Märklich… Måste vara häftigt att kunna gå bland molnen. Att i princip röra vid dem..
    Det är nästan som att sitta på kanten och dingla med benen och titta ner på de dödliga.
    Förstår att folk sträcker ut sina armar i tid och otid. 😉 ett mäktigt ställe. 🙂

  3. Wonderful ! Fabulous ! You must have had a fantastic time up there, and you’ve brought most of it to us. THANK -YOU, my beautiful Swedish friend !!!!!

      • It is.
        Now for the bad news.
        The book I sent you was returned to me today. I have no idea why, as I know for a fact that the address is the one you gave me. No matter: it will now sit here till June, by which time I will be able to pay the postage again.
        You can tell your mama she doesn’t need to look out for it.

        • Ok. This is weird. :(((( Cause I asked her and they have postservice in the store, and she said that it should have been send to her. This is not acceptable. You should not have to pay for it. My mother haven´t even gotten any notification that it was in Sweden.

          • I’ll trot it over to the PO tomorrow and see what gives.

          • yeah. When you pay 100 dollars as I did for getting the mail delivered to my mother, they can at least tell you when something is not working. They have my mail. It is stupid.

          • I’m looking at the somewhat battered parcel, and I’d like you to confirm (or not) that I wrote the address correctly ?
            Prästgaton, 19
            712 60 Grythytton
            ??? (the problem is that some dickhead has scribbled all over it in biro, but that’s what it looks as if I wrote)

          • Looking under the biro scribbling, I observe it IS an ’a’ and not am ’o’. So the sole difference is that the 712 60 should have been run together. 71260.
            Indeed that cannot be their excuse.
            Thanks for this: helps for the sorting out at the PO.

          • Just got home and here are 3 letters about a package from you. I will talk to the mailservice about this issue to see if it is solveable. They should pay for it. Will be back.

          • I took it to my own PO today, and they won’t give me any refund because the sticker from the Swedish PO says ”not claimed”. 🙁

          • yes. But I hope that the postal service here will do something since they delivered it at my mailadress in Grythyttan even that they shouldn´t.

          • Yes. Will contact them on Monday. Today red day here and tomorrow I present my thesis all day. Just so you know. 🙂

          • BEST OF LUCK ! I think you will derive enjoyment from it, my dear.

  4. Fantastic photos! I don’t have to travel to Machu Pichu now, just return to this post.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post.

  5. Helt makalöst! Så avundsjuk! Har ju sett bilder därifrån tidigare eftersom dotter min var där. Skulle vilja dit. Eftersom jag kollar baklänges undrade jag hur ni tog er dit, men nu såg jag att ni åkte tåg. Dottern och co tog sig dit till fots och det var nog en enorm upplevelse.

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  7. Just too fantastic for words, I had read about this place in books by Graham Hancock and in the national Geographic. It was wonderful to see the photos. Thank you, Lakshmi Bhat

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