Peru, Resor, Sydamerika
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Peru: This is Cusco

This is the unedited first day in photos of Cusco. Hungover by the high altitude, we crave burgers and rest.

HH7A2477 HH7A2478 HH7A2483 HH7A2490 HH7A2499 HH7A2501 HH7A2503 HH7A2530 HH7A2536 HH7A2554 HH7A2561 HH7A2565 HH7A2574 HH7A2582 HH7A2585 HH7A2588 HH7A2600 HH7A2603 HH7A2610 HH7A2616 HH7A2623 HH7A2628 HH7A2632 HH7A2636 HH7A2637 HH7A2644 HH7A2653 HH7A2655 HH7A2658 HH7A2661 HH7A2672 HH7A2676 HH7A2679 HH7A2692 HH7A2695 HH7A2699


  1. Peru is one of my favourites (like so many other people). Thank you for sharing, Katarina!

  2. That’s Cusco, alright ! You can tell a photojourno. when you see her work. And you look MARVELLOUS ! 🙂

  3. The ubiquitous Starbucks! They are actually wonderful finds when travelling for their free wifi.
    I really like the photo of the market. I love these places!!

    • Yes. I have no problem with american places abroad. Sometimes you just wan´t something that is already familiar to you. But the interesting is that Starbucks almost doesn´t exist in Sweden. I think Arlanda, the international airport has one and maybe the one or two of the larger cities, but besides from that there are not many.. There is also a lot of Americans in Cusco. Many travel on guided tours here and a lot is from America. Yesterday we met some from Indiana and today Indians from New York. Always interesting meeting new people.

      • Americans in particular like to find the things they are familiar with when they travel so I guess it’s not surprising that Starbucks will open an outlet in Cusco if it attracts a lot of American traffic 🙂

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