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Machu Picchu soon coming up.

Me and Martin booked our trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu and will be there at the 22-25 of may, which it this week Thursday.

I added a countdown widget to the left just for fun.

For the time being. Enjoy some black and white photos I took Saturday in the district Rimac in Lima.


Taken with my Canon 5D, 24-105 mm Canon lens and edited in Lightroom.

HH7A2375-6HH7A2377 HH7A2379-2 HH7A2379 HH7A2381 HH7A2382-2 HH7A2382HH7A2379-2 HH7A2381-2 HH7A2387-2 HH7A2390-2 HH7A2391-2 HH7A2392-2 HH7A2393-2 HH7A2396-2 HH7A2405-2 HH7A2407-2 HH7A2409-2


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