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The hunt for the perfect Peruvian clothing.

The Peruvian clothes are so my style. They have a lot of knitted garments which surely is my favorite. Found an amazing skirt when I wen´t to Gamarra the other day, haven´t been writing about it here but there is photos on my Instagram. The skirt is knitted, one size, hecho en peru and did fit me!

The Peruvian garment industry are on the forefront of the clothing businesses with famous materials as Alpaca. The material are found in almost all Peruvian clothes, but are kind of expensive, if you buy the clothes in the wrong place. Location is everything, and going to the historic center compared to Miraflores, the price drops a lot. Also, in the Gamarra markets, local street markets with a lot of tiendas have a lot of these clothes. The direction to a specific one  on the other hand is hard to give since you have to take the local bus, and the bus system here is informal. You have to be a native Lima-person or have been living in Lima to know which one.

I think it can be expected that we will see much more of Peruvian fashion in the future.

The outfit:

Bought this skirt for 69 soles, around 160-180 sek, 20-30 dollars. Not much money for such a nice garment.

This is the skirt worn with  a jeans shirt bought in Peru as well as the shoes. The outfit is worn with a bag I bought on the Swedish ebay (tradera) and a Lancome scarf that i inherited from my mother. The first picture show me on the way to Astrid y Gaston (world 18th best restaurant), Thursday, the middle photo, me in the bathroom of Astrid y Gaston and also me, trying out a selfie in the toilet.

What do you think about the clothes? On the last picture I made my own hand jewelry. Fun and easily done with a old necklace. I am only wearing one ring, which is a old silver spoon, made into a ring by a woman named Cissi, in Vimmerby Sweden, who are part of my mothers breast cancer association.

The photos are taken with my Samsung NX 10, first one with flash, others without. Martin took the first photo, Elia the second and the last two is selfies.


SAM_6033 SAM_6050-2



    • Tackar! Ja, kjolen är lite annorlunda. Ingen vanlig klassiker precis. Det är lite underhållande att den bara är one-size, undrar hur den ser ut på en mindre människa för jag är rätt stor vill jag lova!

  1. Den mittersta bilden är fantastisk. Ett spännande rum att bli fotograferad i. Och du vet hur du vill fotograferas. Snyggt. 🙂

    • Thanks. 🙂 When you go to Lima, visit Astrid y Gaston, it cost a bit, but not close to the amount western restaurants cost and it is 27 seven courses… 🙂 Will add a post tomorrow with the food and some writing about the restaurant.

  2. Your certainly are a good-looker. Tell Martin to shape up and remove that bloody earring, OR ELSE !!! [grin]

    • Thanks! 🙂 haha: I will tell him, but actually I like it. Thinking of getting another piercing in my nose. What do you think? 😉

  3. I suspect you’re going to look great regardless of what you wear. You would have just enough sass and confidence to pull off a plain paper bag! 🙂

  4. Flott! Passar dig verkligen som hand i handske. Du kan snyggt bära starka färger också – fina foton!

  5. Snyggt! Badrummet och du klär varandra! Du kanske kan få tjänst som badrumsinteriör, haha!

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