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Peru: Buying a folklore suit.

Today we wen´t shopping early morning for a folklore suit, which I had told Elia that I wanted one. We found them in the district of Rimac.

At the first picture you see me in my second alpacka poncho, in black n white.

HH7A2324 HH7A2330

We had to look for some time before we found one in the size L. Most people just look at me and say no. Some laugh. Have no idea why.

HH7A2332 HH7A2333-2

There is a lot of different dresses from all regions in Peru. I choosed the Cusco dress. I really love the falda (skirt) with the colored stripes.

HH7A2334 HH7A2335

the jacket is also a favorite I will wear during the summer in Sweden with a pair of blue jeans.


Well, the total outfit isn´t that easy to pull off. Traditional clothing rarely is. The whole outfit costed 150 soles, like 350 sek and 70 dollars? Not exactly correct, but something like that. Supercheap!


The mannequins, doesn´t really help do they?

Also bought the traditional shoes they wear in the Andes for 7 soles. like 18 SEK or 2,5 dollars. Fantastic. They shoes are made of rubber from car tires. And here is the big question. Are they safe to use? Anyone?- aren´t rubber toxic?

HH7A2347 HH7A2349 HH7A2351 HH7A2356

This is fabulous marinera clothes. Even harder to pull of. Feel like a 19th century queen. But like the skirt, was thinking of buying one in black, but they are so expensive.


Marinera ( a dance) is very popular in Peru and peopled starred at me smiling. That must be positive. This guy actually stopped and said some kind words.

HH7A2359 HH7A2361


When going to Peru. Look for the traditional clothing. It´s not expensive and so nice.

What do you all think?

How to find a folklore suit in Lima Peru

(update July/2015)

I get a lof of questions on my email on where I found the folklore suits. Last time me and Martin discussed it it turns out he knew where it was. It was in the neighbourhood Caqueta in the part of the city called Rimac as the Rio Rimac.

How to get here: When you get of the bus Metropolitano (the public buses) you will see the market. The station name is Caqueta.

I ordered mine folklore suit from Cusco so it took a few days before the guy I bought it from got it, but I think they have a variety in the store and that it also is possible to buy a used one.



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