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Preparing for Nazca.

I´m so exited! This weekend we are leaving to discover Nazca and the south of Lima. Will be ”offline” for the weekend, due to we are travelling early morning (around 6 here local time/) and coming back Monday (lunes). I will have so much photos to show when I come back.

I realized that I fell in love with the desert. Not many people seem interest in the deserts of Peru, but there is something special about it. It might be that I have never seen any before but on the other hand seen loads of mountains, since we have these in Sweden as well as in other places of Europe. Have been to something that is similar to a desert when traveling in the states. They call them dunes, and me Chris and Josefine and Chris sister wen´t there to drive four wheelers.

Dug up some photos from facebook (taken by Chris, or me , Taylor or Jos) first two photos showies us in the Rockies and the third us in the dunes. Think they are taken with a Kodak Digital Camera, that was my camera of choice at that time (2009 and my USA trip), before I got a real interest for photo. The dunes killed that camera. It was full of sand when I got home. Wonder if it works today..


Well, for now, enjoy the old photos and stay tuned, be back on Monday.



  1. Good luck! Nazca lines next. We flew a plane with 8 seats and the tyres were air filled with a man held (bicycle) pump…but the flight was gorgeous!

    • haha. LEYA! Don´t get me all nervous now. Do you have any photos you wan´t to share from that trip? Will gladely show them on my blog. You where here 89 or something huh? not so much digital photos then maybe..

      • You won’t get nervous…you’re not the type for that I think? Well, anyway it was gorgeous and you will have a great adventure. My photos from back then are dia – and they have not been digitalized. Thank you for the opportunity anyway! I really MUST do something about all those old photos…

        Now – enjoy!

        • Do it. And then we post a cavalcade of photos all over the place! 🙂 Old photos are nice. Well. Actually I am afraid of flying..

  2. Wishing you a wonderful time, and looking forward to your return to the blogosphere, Katarina ! X !

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