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Support a documentary about Syrian refugees in Europe!

My classmate Rime is doing a documentary about Syrian refugees in Europe and is going to crowdfund it, which means funding by givers.

Click on this link and read about the project and if you like it, give a dollar or two. The more the merrier!

It is important to highlight the refugees and their situation but also, how governments is handling it and that is why I think you should do as I did and support it. The giving part is very easy.

This is Rime, my classmate and below you can read and watch her earlier work to make up your own mind.



The photo was taken when we where covering Campusmässan, an Swedish jobfair event, the 13th of February at Örebro Univesity. The fair had around 3000-4000 visitors and around 100 companies, looking for employees. The photo is taken with my Canon 5D Mark iii and ed in Lightroom.

Freelancing, a double edged sword (written article)

This is not a Christmas Break (film)

TAMER ABU GHAZALEH, A PAN-ARAB MUSICIAN (written article and film)

You find more of Rimes work on, our student Magazine.


  1. Yes,I’ve contributed. Her project is genuinely worthwhile as a doco., and I hope to all the gods she gets the total funding she needs. As Australia is so dreadful about asylum seekers, I feel it my bloody DUTY to help her!

    • I don´t think she need so much money to be able to to it so I think that every dollar helps and that this is a project she very much wan´t to do and a project that greatly will contribute in our difficult times.

      • But she says she needs $4,000 – only the gods know how little that is to make a doco.! – and her deadline is only 2½ weeks away …

        • Yes. I can ask her later. I think you have to add a goal huh? We have the equipment and so so probably it is just for travels etc. I will ask her how she decided the sum.

          • No: just ask her if she’s going to do it, no matter whether she gets the money. GO TO BED.

          • Here is the answer I got ”Well yes, I will do it even if I don’t reach the goal. I just won’t be able to afford to hire a fixer, so it will be more difficult for me in Bulgaria.”- but I also asked Rime to get back to you and explain more. She was very happy with the post! Or the comment was. ”THIS IS AWESOME”- we tend to overuse that word just slightly. 😉

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  3. Katarina, I’ve posted about this, with links. I have no idea if it will be of any help amongst anglophones … but you never know …

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