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Manger de la cuisine cajun et dire au revoir!

Tommy fyllde 30 för ett tag sedan och i lördags höll han sin 30års fest i samband med avrundning för alla andraårsstudenter i Grythyttan som snart flyr sin kos mot praktik på alla möjliga platser i världen. Jag och Martin ska som bekant till Peru, en del av denna Grythyttan-flykt där Martin ska göra sin praktik som kock på AstridyGaston.

Testade vår nya medlem i kamerafamiljen som jag glömt bort att vi hade, en Nikon Coolpix. Mindre än en iPhone och lika röd som synden med roliga färginställningar såsom Sepia-filter och manuellt inställningsbar ISO och vitbalans. Ger en skönt pixlig känsla på manuella inställningar utan blixt. Denna kommer jag ha mycket roligt med.

English translation – Tommy turned 30 a while ago and Saturday, two days ago, he held his party in connection with going away party for all second year students in Grythyttan that soon escapes to workpractice in all possible places in the world. Martin and I will as most of you already know go to Peru where Martin will make his practice as a chef at AstridyGaston.

Tested our new member of the family- camera that I forgot that we had, a Nikon Coolpix. Smaller than an iPhone, and as red as sin with fun color settings such as Sepia filter and manually adjustable ISO and white balance. Gives a nice pixely feel on the manual settings without the flash. This cutiepie I will have a lot of fun with. Stay tuned.

Tommy´s fantastic food.

The menu for the evening:
Deep South Slaw with Louisiana Spicy Meatballs and Cajun BBQ Sauce
+ Mariestad Export (50 cl/person, both for the appetizer and main course)

*Main course*
Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
Vegetarian Jambalaya (Katarina)
+ Same 50 cl beer as appetizer (no refill Bitches!  )

Kentucky (American) Apple Pie
+ Apple Pie Moonshine


For recipes, click on the links in the menu.



When using the flash you realize that you need to clean the mirror. A lot of dust that doesn´t show, or wait, it is only me being half blind. I don´t think that I need to pointout that I did more than one selfie preparing for the party.


Vintage-look. I almost feel as old as the pic look. Wearing an old Marimekko dress that I bought on the Swedish ebay (tradera) for only a couple of dollars. Futuristic fashion an style is one of my many weaknesses!


Makeup, perfume, hairbrush and jewelry. How will I ever fit you in my travelbag? Sorry perfumes, but you have to stay home.


The ghost-selfie in Sepia. Scary unnatural.


Jessica, our lovely neighbour know how to strike a pose.


A bunch of handsome young men, eating to much food.


this feels like the 90s with a 70s filter


Kentucky Apple Pie.


We finished them of!


This is Tommy. He is single and a fantastic chef, though studying to be a sommelier..


Daniel, working it.


And the apple pie moonshine!

DSCN0815 DSCN0816 DSCN0817 DSCN0821 DSCN0824 DSCN0827 DSCN0829 DSCN0830 DSCN0836 DSCN0838 DSCN0848 DSCN0850 DSCN0861 DSCN0863


  1. Tommy says

    Tekniskt sett är det en vanlig American Apple Pie, men Leilas recept är väldigt likt ett från Kentucky som jag hittade tidigare (med andra ord, hennes var enklare att följa).

    Technically, it’s an ordinary American Apple Pie. But Leila’s recipe is very similar to one from Kentucky that I found earlier (in other words, hers was easier to follow).

    • haha what do you mean. You mean the name? Yeah, the party was actually named the same thing as the blogpost. I didn´t name it. Tommy did. 🙂 we are leaving for Peru next week. Have you already woken up M.R? Didn´t you say that you where going to sleep just a couple of hours ago?

          • Yes, Katarina – you were right: I was confused by the title of that LOVELY post of yours – about which I forgot to write how much I love all those happy photos … And I suddenly thought maybe you were going this week rather than next week …

          • Ah. Yes. well. no, but everybody in the second year here are leaving this or next week so it was a combined party of some sort in Tommys basement. Indeed it was happy. Love to capture the moments when people are smiling, even if it is because they are drunk. haha. 😉

          • You’re students. You like EXACTLY like students. I could have identified you as uni students the moment I saw the photos. It takes me back to the days when I was … not exactly one myself, for I was a full-time employee of a uni newspaper, and so spent all my days among students. We played a card game called 500 all the time, and I had a wonderful 2½ years, during which I studied part-time and gained 4 subjects,

          • Oh I used to play 500 when I was a kid and had my horse at a farm. We played and worked, all the time. There is this Australian thing going around here now. Some guy in Australia started a beer-challenge where you have to drink a beer and film it, post it on facebook and then nominate others. Studentlife is awesome. I love it so much I don´t wan´t to stop really. Are thinking of doing another master in fashion/sustainable fashion.

          • It’s a danger, the love of the student life. People come and go and it’s never the same as it was. But if you can’t yet get work on the strength of the qual.s you have, you might as well do another Masters …

          • I already have a job. Work on the unemployment agency of Sweden, government, with youth unemployment. Have been there for 5 years and moved around a little, worked in different places within the agency and in European Union projects for unemployment etc. Done that since I was 24 and have had permanent employment there ever since. Just taking some time of for studying, it´s regulated by law in Sweden so they can´t stop you. Still have my job when I´m done.

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