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Getting lost and finding my way back home – 2015, a resume

Following chefs playing with food in Grythyttan, going roadtriping Norway with mom, backpacking Europe with the boyfriend, spending a weekend in Athens enjoying a beach wedding, dressing up in medieval garments on Gotland, chasing brides on Iceland, checking out Moravia and exploring winter in Småland. 2015, a year full of surprises.

” ZERO vacation days left ”

Every year I have come to dread the year resume. This is my third in the blogging world, not so much compared to many but still enough to give me anxiety. You might think the anxiety is due to the fact that the year is already over and I am turning 32 next year, but this isn´t the case. The case really is to much stories to tell, to little time and in the year resume case, to little space.  Lola give the solution in her resume ”You have to kill your darlings”. This means to kill your photos, which I am V E R Y bad at. So after a dreadful day of not only the flu (which I currently have) but also killing my darlings the resume took form.

It started with food

In January and February I spend most of my time preparing for Akademisk Högtid, a celebration where the students in Grythyttan prepared food for the staff at the University. I shot a video and photos for the dinner. I came to learn a lot about food photography from this and the importance of preparation, timing and good lighting conditions, which kitchens normally don´t have. I am a sucker for normal light and come to think about it, I don´t know if I ever will be any good at still photography or studio shoots.


After Akademisk Högtid a well deserved break started where I continued my every day job and then spend the rest of my time in nature in Grythyttan, not knowing that I soon would head for a job interview in Stockholm leading me to where I live today.

From Grythyttan to Bergen – my first experience of Norway

In April I planned a roadtrip for me and mom, first plan was Berlin but instead we headed around 1600 km from Grythyttan to Bergen and back via Lillehammer, on narrow roads and over mountains. I still have a lot of material and haven´t written any thing about the last stretch and cute city of Lillehammer. Here mom and I got to experience the most fantastic nature, but also nature at its best with snow and fog on the higher altitudes leaving us with quite the memory and experience. Bergen was a surprise and Bryggen is something I never thought I would experience. Being on the World Heritage List this deserves it special place in my memory.

Click here and view some of my best photos from Norway.

Flåm Norway


”The cats of Durbovnik, the trainstation in Izmir and the ladies in the blue Mosque in Istanbul, a backpacking trip to remember”

The train chugs its way on the way to its destination. 6 new mates is sitting in the cabin of the nighttrain from Munich to Venice and the sun is rising. I can remember it clear as day. The air in the train cabin lacking oxygen, the smell from 6 peoples feet, the dry air..

We all head out into the corridor, looking for some fresh air. Some of the other travelers have opened the windows, most likely experiencing what we are. Martin hang his head out the window, taking a deep breath for the first time in hours. I hear the train whistle.


Heading out on a backpacking trip I didn´t expect much more than that it would be uncomfortable, travelwise. Little did I know of how many places you actually can visit in 3 weeks and how many memories that follow. I guess it is the odd ones you remember as the small train station in Izmir with the cute decor, as straight out of a movie, the cats of Dubrovnik, a bit ruffled by the ocean moist, when it rains in Venice after only ever have experienced sunny touristy shots of Venice through guidebooks or when returning to Auschwitz after 15 years, remembering it as it was yesterday.


A greek wedding story – my cousins wedding

One of the highlights familywise, except for Christmas,  was when visiting my fellow cousin and his wedding in Athens in July. It was a hot and scary experience with singing priests and more mosquitos in the hotel room than I see in a year in Sweden but we all stayed up until 4 0´clock in the morning, drinking drinks and snacking on buffe food, lying in the sunbeds looking at the stars, making all the odd turn into memories of gold.


Dressing in medieval clothes in Visby

For a quick five days mom and I dressed up in medieval clothes, drank ginger beer, had flat bread and enjoyed tournaments. Sitting by the beach enjoying the sun setting over the medieval market was unreal as being back in the 12th century.


The winds of Iceland

Stepping out of the airport in Keflavik in August I could never have imagined such crazy weather. As if the winds would never stop they blew straight over the island making the bushes kneel.

Wrapping my jacket around me tighter I step outside, glad that I brought both a rain jacket and a winter jacket and spend five days dressed as if November in Sweden but in reality being on Iceland in Augusti. But inbetween the hard blowing winds the most magnificent skies showed themselves, creating the best photo opportunities I have ever experienced.

Is it somewhere I dream of going back it sure is Iceland.


A weekend in the Czech Republic

In October I was invited to tag along to the Czech Republic with Czech Tourism. I spend a long weekend in Moravia and Prague and got to see other sides of this country that the ordinary traveler might not experience. Even so, Prague really warmed my hart with it´s beauty. 


moravia-35 stockholm_rosehip_autumn-56 stockholm_rosehip_autumn-50

Spending Christmas in Småland

There is something special with returning to your hometown where you grew up. Looking at the forest where you used to play as a child or passing the lake where you used to swim. By Christmas we always return for a week with family, letting the year come to an end.



Photos shot with Canon 5D Mark iii and Canon EOS M3 as well as Sigm 50mm Art lens, Canon 24-105 mm lens and Canon 40mm pancake. All photos are shot by me and edited in lightroom and the lightroom app.



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