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Omnipollos hatt

My first thought was ”What are you saying??” next ”What do you mean?” and then ”Is this a joke?”. This is when Martin mentioned Omnipollos hatt. It felt like a toy store and who knew it was a bar?

Walking the fifty metres from the subway exit I´m soon there. On Hökens gata you can find one of Stockholms best beer and pizza places. Everybody talks about it and I therefore I think it is worth its own post.

Have you guys ever been to Omnipollos?


A happy Oscar in the window.
omnipollos_hatt-3 omnipollos_hatt-2

The first time I went was when I was invited by Martin through facebook to a guest play at Omnipollos by the restaurant Oaxen, a restaurant with 2 stars in the guide Michelin. After getting past believing it was a toy store, luxury pizza and cool beer felt as the best thing on a Sunday.

I get my pizza and dig in. Oh my G*O*D. I am not a particular lover of pizzas but this pizza is something extra.

omnipollos_hatt-7 omnipollos_hatt-6


Friday after work Camilla suggest that we go for an after work beer. Sebastian and me follow and we decide for Omnipollos. Getting there we drink Ice Cream Ale and Mango Lassi Ipa, or something dreamy and citrus-y like that and talk crap. Best start of a weekend.



Subway Slussen, exit Götgatan. Head for Hökensgata and go up the street towards Mosebacke torg.


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