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a Christmas foodstory from Skansen

Darkness, only lights from the windows lighting up the city. When winter arrives so does the darkness. I don´t seem to manage ever to get out in daylight anymore, barely during lunch at work, even then it is dark some of the days. I get increasingly tired, day by day, it seems like you are eaten up by darkness from inside.

Even though we are tired we manage to continue to work everyday. Like zombies we head for the subway, get on it and are off to work. In the afternoon everybody looks at the clock, its four and time to go.


This particular day it is time for the annual celebration with Christmas food. For once I am looking forward to it. From work we take the subway to Slussen and from there the ferry to Djurgården. For me, the first time on a ferry in Stockholm, except from the short ride in Hammarby Sjöstad that I am not sure counts. It´s windy and when the ferry hits the break close to it´s goal at Skansensome almost fall down from the knock.


Photo shot by Harris with my Canon 5D Mark iii. Gid made by me. Sorry Sarwar, it was so fun, couldn´t resist to the gif. Made by me in Photoshop.

sarwar_gif julbord_skansen-8 julbord_skansen-9



Skansen isn´t closed but there is barely someone there when we arrive. We get of the ferry and walk the short walk to the Skansen entrance, pass the Djurgården church in the dark. A long escalator ride later we arrive at the door to the restaurant Stora Gungan where we spend the evening snacking on Christmas food. Weird foodnames as janssons frestelse, ris ala malta and more are eaten and washed down with julmust, the best thing about Christmas.


julbord_skansen-29 julbord_skansen-31 julbord_skansen-33


Photos shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, Sigma 50mm f.1.4, art lens.

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