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Snaps of Farsta

Farsta is an ABC- centre from the 50s in Stockholm. ArbeteBostadCentrum which translate WorkLivingCentre is an Swedish city planning idea where people should be able to live, work and shop in a concentrated area to reduce distance. Read more here. At the moment it is in Farsta I work and this are some snaps I took during my lunchbreak last week when speaking to the local indian restaurant guy, my favorite lunch place, located below the subway in the middle of the bus stop. He told me that he every year let youngsters color the back of his small restaurant because then they wont scribble on it. ”If it is graffiti there they will leave it be”.

Now I am off to work!


farsta_centrum-9 farsta_centrum-12 farsta_centrum-8 farsta_centrum-6 farsta_centrum-2 farsta_centrum-4 farsta_centrum-7 farsta_centrum-11

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