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Att Resa Podden

My friends and fellow travel bloggers Annika with Resfredag and Lisa with the blog Livet från den Ljusa sidan have released a podcast about travel. Finally. Finally! A podcast about travel.

I listened to part one on the subway home from work this Thursday and Annika and Lisa where speaking about travel and their first backpacking trip, giving their mothers a scare when heading abroad alone for several months. In the middle of their talk my mother called, like she heard my thoughts.

The first episode was about backpacking, inspiring travelers, different kind of travelers as the camper/glamper (a luxury version of the camper), the culture traveler, the gourmand, the backpacker, the charter traveler, the cabin family, the adventurer and more.

I so look forward to next episodes. Finally a travel pod for me! Next pod will be in two weeks and will focus around celebrating christmas abroad. The aim is one episode every two week and to invite guest in the future.

Head to podcasts in your iphone and search for Att Resa Podden. You wont regret it.

To all you readers out there, have a nice weekend.








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