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the best chocolate balls in Stockholm

The Swedish cookie with the weirdest name, huh? Well, the Swedish chocolate ball is a known concept for all Swedish kid and are made in every home when we grow up.

It is made from cocoa, butter, cold coffee, oatmeal, sugar and with coconut flakes or pearl sugar on top. It is an unbaked cake and fairly easy to do. You can find a recipe here.

The cake is delicious and have always been one of my favourite cakes when growing up. The cake has also had another name in popular speech which today isn´t used due to it´s racist connotations. If you google the name + news, you will find a lot of recent articles and a resurfaced discussion about the phenomena.


It is sad that we have to argue over a cake, but anyway, yesterday Martin and me headed to Muggen and had some lunch before going to the Swedish museum of photography – Fotografiska. The coffeeshop Muggen is situated in Götgatsbacken, close to the Subway station of Slussen (exit Götgatsbacken). In this little coffeeshop you can find what I fairly without hesitation have found to be the best chocolate balls I have ever tried! So a weekend tip for all you Stockholm travelers/visitors or people living here, go to Muggen and have a chocolate ball. They will never let you down.

What is you favourite cake?


After a long fika you will find Fotografiska within walking distance, you can take a stroll on Söders höjder or just visit all the vintage and crafts shops on Södermalm as you want.



stockholm_söder_muggen-9 stockholm_söder_muggen-11 stockholm_söder_muggen-10

stockholm_söder_muggen-15 stockholm_söder_muggen-16 stockholm_söder_muggen-17

Photos shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, Lensbaby Composer Pro Sweet 35 and Canon 40mm pancake lens f2.8


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