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a feeling of Costa Brava cuisine on Nytorgsgatan 42

Just got back from a days of work and an evening spend listening to tourist info about the Costa Brava region. And what a evening then!

I started the afternoon by heading for Rinkeby due to work. On the way home I got to see Hallonbergen. By now I feel pretty experienced in the Stockholm Subway.. or not.

From work I headed straight to a travel event about Costa Brava, focused on networking and experiencing the food in the region.

Costa Brava with Girona as main city has a lot to offer a tourist as beautiful nature and spectacular gastronomy. During the evening I got to try out some of this cusine with the chef Marc Gascons in place to serve the guests a seven corse or more tasting menu with pine nut soup, shrimp tartar, fish with tomato and almond sauce, sea urchin, some meat dishes (I didn´t taste), gin and tonic desert, sorbet and chocolate mousse with virgin olive oil. Oh so yummy!

Looking forward to visiting this region in the future. It has much more to offer than I first imagined and the photo-opportunities must be explored. Already dreaming about the fantastic mountains in the pyrenees.

Tips — Check out Marc Gascons restaurant – Els Tinars if you are heading to the region.


stockholm_nytorgsgatan_costa_brava-4 stockholm_nytorgsgatan_costa_brava-2 stockholm_nytorgsgatan_costa_brava-3

stockholm_nytorgsgatan_costa_brava-10 stockholm_nytorgsgatan_costa_brava-11


stockholm_nytorgsgatan_costa_brava-19 stockholm_nytorgsgatan_costa_brava-20 stockholm_nytorgsgatan_costa_brava-21stockholm_nytorgsgatan_costa_brava-22 stockholm_nytorgsgatan_costa_brava-23 stockholm_nytorgsgatan_costa_brava-24

Photos shot with Canon 5D Mark iii and Canon 50 mm f1.8 ii


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