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Cruise – Istanbul to Dubrovnik

Thursday 18th 16.30 to Saturday 20th 11.30

Sailing through the Bosphorus we cross the border between Europe and Asia. We continue or cruise towards Dubrovnik, a distance of 857 nautical miles. On our journey we pass many Greek Islands and the Peloponnese to yet again enter the Adriatic.

After a hard day in Istanbul of 26 degrees startin with rain we get back on the boat. Martin fall asleep and sleep for 4 hours. During the evening it is white theme at the boat and people dress in the colour white. For dinner I have cod-pure, salad, shrimp risotto, filled aubergines and apfel strudel. We continue with the winning end of evenings by having an Irish coffee at the sports bar discussing our doings in Istanbul.

The entire next day we spend on sea – missing out on the Swedish holiday midsummer. Instead of celebrating the middle of summer we sunbathe, fill in an evaluation form and for some mad reason together with Maja and Josefin play and win a geography quiz. We have dinner and yet again it is gala theme and a Baked Alaska is served, nothing I ever tried before. It is ice-cream with merengue baked in oven. We end our evening by looking at a talent show where a cool Italian guy sing Granada. 

Arriving in Dubrovnik at 11.30 we take the bus into the old town, happily situated within grand walls like a bigger sized town fortress.

We walk the streets and check out the harbour dreaming about sailing in Croatia. Walking back we check the souvenir streets and find this man in front of a church that creates name necklaces. He makes mine in two minutes and for that I only have to pay 7 euros. So cool talent! (Though I did see the same thing in Krakow as well buy anyway)

Before returning to the ship we have Mexican food and use their wifi. I try calling mum for her birthday, but apparently she is out playing golf.

Photos shot with Canon EOS M3 and edited in lightroom




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