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Cruise – Izmir to Istanbul

Wednesday 17th 15.00 to Thursday 18th 16.30

Leaving Izmir the ship sails through the Aegean sea north west and along the shores of the Isle Lesbos. We later reach the strait of the Dardanells and go through the channel to the Marmara sea and continue towards Istanbul. Going through the channel, 39 nautical miles long, takes around 3 hours with MSC Magnifica.

After getting back on ship in Izmir we do some sunbathing and then have dinner, salmon, greek salad and seafood pasta, and after dinner an irish coffee in the tiger bar. This bar must be the most amazing Italian place on earth with stripes and for a Swede, a bit tacky decoration a la Italian where te fraze ”a bit to much” rather is an understatement. The entire thing looks like a tiger walked into a bar and died on the floor.

At 8 o’ clock Thursday we go of the ship to explore Istanbul. We start by walking to the blue mosque but not getting there until three hours of wrong directions. It is hard not to be amazed by the beautiful decor but I must say that I feel a bit uncomfortable in a plastic dress with a built in scarf, both for the obvious practic reason but also because it doesn’t feel right. I pay 1 euro to pee and find a hole in the ground, cursing that I payed to pee in a hole. At least Martin get his moneys worth, but he have to wear a skirt in e mosque, some justice at least. 

Leaving the blue mosque we stop for an auyran and some wifi, me asking for some beer, Martin giving a chocked face, apparently we are door to door to the mosque. Well, you just make mistake sometimes how experienced a traveler you are.

After the whole beer peeing mishappening we walk to the grand bazaar. The bazaar is something extra extra. Right away we make the deal that whenever buying an apartment we will celebrate with a weekend in Istanbul with several empty suitcases and a lot of saved up money for fabrics, carpets, lamps, china, decor and more. This time we neither had much money or space in the backpacks for any extravaganza shopping but I did buy shoes for my cousins wedding in Athens in July. At the Bazaar I also had the most fantastic turkish vegetarian food, compensating for the weird bathroom experience.

We end our day in Istanbul by taking the tram back and walking through this hipster neighbourhood checking out a lady when she’s feeding some cats.

Shot with Canon EOS M3 and 40 mm pancake lens, ed in lightroom app



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