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 Pauly Saal – how it feels to eat a star in Berlin

To please the mr in the family a visit to a one star Michelin restaurant was necessary. The choice fell on the restaurant Pauly Saal, a Beelin restaurant situated at the street Auguststrasse close to Oranienburger Tor. We visited the restaurant Wednesday evening after a long day of doing touristy stuff. 

Before going we booked a table for 21.30 and the restaurant actually called to confirm the table. Maybe that was good since we had a time accident on the way. When going we added a 30 minutes to the schedule to be sure to make it but when getting to the station where we were to change tube the purple line was closed for maintenance. Oh no, we ran for the extra buses but no bus came so we ran back into the subway and had to go around to get to a station close by Auguststrasse but on the other side. This took forever.

15 minutes late we stumbled into the old jewish girl school and into the restaurant (the old gym hall) to find out that there were no need for stress, the restaurant wasn’t really full. 

Im sorry that I have no other photos but we weren’t aloud to take any ”people want their privacy” the waiter said. You just have to imagine it instead. As said before the restaurant part was placed at the old gym hall. Do you remember an old gym hall? Picture a gym hall of an old girls school with windows on the short side, facing the street, covering most part of the wall. The roof were not reachable with the highest ladders, most likely you need a skylift. Having that said the roof held big fancy lamps giving a warm feeling of golden red light. On the other short side the kitchen was placed. Here you could see the chefs working live, with nice copper pans hanging in the window in front of you. In the middle of the room the waiters had their own place with a small oven and wine, cheese and stuff like that. On the walls there wasn’t that much but two stuffed foxes (do not like stuffed animals) but these had a hat and a broken leg with a bandage on it and a crouch. This isnt even the odd thing, above the kitchen a 5 m or more rocket is placed. Yes, a rocket!

If you are having any doubts of going, here is the menu. When discussing it in the end we both thought that the service was the best part, the food very good but could have been better in some cases, mainly the pork belly that looked like and gave the feeling of pork and mushed potatoes. 


  • Pea soup with champagne/ shrimp coctail
  • Filled  paprica with white asparagus
  • Several sorts of cheese
  • Pork belly, parsnipe pure and snails
  • Sir loin from ox
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Drinks

Since we don’t remember the exact menu check the real menu here

199 euro in total – totally worth it




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