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Hotel Rheingold – cute cats, big windows and a cool bar

The small old hotels are generally those who holds the biggest heart. When Martin choose the hotel for us when going to Berlin my first thought was that it looks fresh but has no own bathroom, and I like my own bathroom. So we continued to look and found hotel Rheingold. With varying reviews it didn’t look that cool to begin with, typical Berliner was one thought about the hotel, but since it was cheap and we got our own bathroom we went for this hotel anyway. The bathroom was fairly newly renovated, not by any means high standard but sufficient.
And was it typical Berliner? Oh yes it was! but is that such a bad thing? 

For typical Berliner I give you a old early 20 th century house with 4 m to the ceiling rooms with double doors that didn’t even fit into my 40 mm lens. The shot of Martin standing by the door is a shot of him looking out on our own balcony, like a boudoir dream. 

The restaurant or breakfast room have an old cool bar where you get the breakfast, it comes with a lady that only speaks German and keep the room clean and the coffee hot. The German breakfast isn’t that exiting I must say but on the other side, with the brightest of magic sun shining in through the window when having cats checking you out, does breakfast that comes in little packages matter? 

For 800 sek and less than 100 euros for two persons and two nights I’m not sure that you can have any more to wish for. And the heart of the hotel was indeed big.


Adress: Xantenerstrasse 9, close to Kufurstendamm/ paralellstreet, u-bahn Adenauerplatz / Berlin



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