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3 hours in Copenhagen

The idea with staying in Copenhagen was simple. ”We need to stay somewhere to sleep, I will not travel with night bus” Martin said. So we booked one night at the Savoy hotel on Vesterbrogade 34, close to the Copenhagen centralstation, Kobenhavns Hovedbanegård.


Arriving in Copenhagen our plan was to buy the train tickets for Berlin via Hamburg, in the station, but after ending up in a queue in the station, longer than the bridge of Öresund, our plans changed and we bought the tickets online. This went well but the tickets where printed in German, not sure why since not that many people speak that language anymore! 
Writing this me and Martin is on the train to Hamburg where we will have a 45 minutes stop and then head for Berlin. We will see what we can make of 45 minutes. Blogging from an ipad isn’t that bad after all since the time on the train now is spend trying to hit the right spot on the touchscreen. Martin sleeps, again, and he did suggest a theme for the trip of” the man who slept through Europe on a train” and I might take it seriously and go for a collective name of the sort.

But back to the three hours in Copenhagen. They where spend wisely. This trip is somewhat of a culinary trip so we did decide to check online tips for restaurants and Copenhagen has a lot of one thing and that is Indian food, so checking restaurant tips the choice fell on Kashmir on Willemoesgade in Österport. Since we lived in or close to the area Vesterport we had to go across town and we took the local bus 1A from the central station. First buying our tickets in a ticket machine in the station we jumped aboard and for 48 danske kronor we headed across town to the restaurant.


The restaurant Kashmir on Österport

Copenhagen is fairly pricy so the price of this restaurant was welcome, around 500 danske kronor for three dishes and nan bread where Martin had fried chicken and I fried onions for first course, Martin had lamb for second and I peas and cottage cheese and for last, Indian ice cream. 


  • Akbar chicken pako
  • Onion bhaji
  • Rogan josh
  • Mattar paneer
  • Kashmir pallav
  • Garlic naan
  • Kulfi e-heer

Photo 2 and 3 feom the end is shot by Martin


De gule stokke i Nyboder and the kings garden

Going home we decided to walk to experience at least some part of the town. We walked there from Österport to ”De gule stokke i Nyboder”, old yellow houses that used to be the quarters of the defense in Denmark (Försvarsmakten), an important architectural heritage for Copenhagen. Continued from Nyboder to the Royal Castle and the kings garden, where we were thrown out by guards closing, making us feel young and naughty. 


Savoy on Vesterbrogade

When checking hotels in Copenhagen we did find the significant price difference between Copenhagen and Berlin. For Savoy, a normal range hotel, we paid around 120 euros/ 1200 sek for two for one night. In Berlin we paid 800-900 sek/ 90 euros for two nights. The hotel in Berlin most likely have worse standard but anyway, it is a big difference. 

Looking out the window the view have changed from the Danish views of long fields with nothing but windmills to include more trees and houses. Next stop Oldenburg, Lubeck and soon Hamburg.


Shot with Canon Eos M3, 40 mm pancake and edited in the lightroom app, using old polar filter.


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