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Trains in Bergslagen – from Grythyttan to Copenhagen

After a lot of thinking we never bought any interrail tickets for our traintravel in Europe. The main reason being that it in the end wasn’t going to be any cheaper, but also the fact that it wasn’t as comfortable as I thought, actaully, it was tricky. 

 Reading instructions on interrail homepage made it sound easy. But in the end when checking other sites and people who used it it seemed like you had to pay extra booking and reservation fees. I thought the whole point was that you don’t needed to do this? Checking more closely this was the case in almost all countries I checked so in the end we decided to go for buying one ticket at a time. 

  • Price for ingerrail excluding booking/reservation fees, about 3500 sek/ 360 euro for Martin for 22 days (21 years of age) and 7500 sek/760 euro for me. (Seeing that, I realised I was old)

So today when leaving our first tickets were booked and ready on the SJ webpage for Swedish trains. These tickets costed us around 1200 sek for us two and took us from Grythyttan to Örebro, from Örebro to Mjölby with Tåg i Bergslagen (Trains in Bergslagen) and then from Mjölby directly to Copenhagen with the Swedish high speed train SJ X2000. 

Now we are at the hotel in Copenhagen, severly tired but full of traveljoy. Martin is sleeping and me awake from cursing blogging from an ipad.


Photos shot with Canon EOS M3, 40mm Pancake lens and edited in photoshop express, adding the filter Silvered



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