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Canon EOS M3

Now I have owned this little beauty for a while and decided that it is worth a simple ”What do I think about it then”. I also gave it a stylish shoot on my kitchen table, I think it deserved it.

Canon EOS M3, one of Canons first mirrorless compact DSLR and goes within the enthusiast category. Canon has the golden three categories of beginners, enthusiasts and professional.

What I like about this little beauty:

  • Small size
  • Flip screen + flip built in flash
  • Full manual possibilities and some creative settings and effects as built in fisheye mode
  • Possible to use your other EOS system – lenses with the EOS – M mount adapter. You can see this on the pictures below (the first thing I ordered to the camera after buying it).

After trying it out for some time now I must say that I like the camera a lot. It doesn´t have a built in ”eye” or viewfinder, something that is possible to buy extra, but I must say that I don´t mind after trying it out. I have gotten use to use the screen as my creative spot both for setting focus an checking the result. Due to the flip screen I also learned to shoot from a lower angle without bending my knees, another + on this camera list.

I don´t know if the camera have any minus posts really, but you always expect something and with this camera I got what I expected. It has more mp than my 5D, but the iso sensitivity is lower and the grain is worse than on the 5D Mark iii of course, but I didn´t expect that this little house would do better on this parts compared to a big professional DSLR with mirror. Who would?

So if you are having thoughts of buying a new compact this is totally recommended, especially if you like Canon and know their system and if you have a collection of their lenses since before, then this beauty is compatible with those lenses, a big plus. The price in Sweden is around 7000 sek and around 1300 sek for the adapter. This isn´t a low price, but acceptable if you think about the possibility to use all the Canon lenses as well as lenses created for Canon instead of having to buying entirely new lenses.

Update July 2015 – some photos shot with the camera

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Istanbul – the streets

Street photos in Venice

Observation after traveling with this camera for three weeks using the mount adapter and the 40 mm pancake lens is that this combination slowed down the camera and autofocus a lot. At times so slow that I missed great photo opportunities.



canon_eos_m3-2 canon_eos_m3-3 canon_eos_m3-4 canon_eos_m3-5

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